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Tantrums before two?


Are they really a thing? By gosh, I can assure you in our case, they truly are! In fact, only a month or two after Matt’s first birthday did we started witnessing glimpses of the dreaded “Tantrum” appearing. As our sweet babs grow physically, so does that sweet mind of theirs and they start to make it very clear when they’re not happy that things haven’t quite gone their own way.

It started off very subtly, and we only barely spied a little bit of a scene. This would occur when perhaps he couldn’t reach his favourite toy or he needed his nappy changed (and didn’t want it to be!) Now that he’s just 19 months, we are witnessing “scenes” on a whole new level! Boy oh boy… You just never know when one is going to emerge.

A seemingly happy boy can turn into a monster (or swine of hell as my grandma might phrase it!) in ten seconds flat. I’m talking about dramatically falling to the floor, kicking legs kinda thing! Check out this awesome website for a whole lot of laughs on the things us “asshole parents” (love that!) have done to upset our beloved children so terribly. Let me think back to this past week and I will try and recall all my asshole parenting moments that made Matt kick off.

  • Made him sit in the trolley while shopping at Tesco. (The audacity!)
  • Made him wear his trainers instead of mine! (How dare I?)
  • Had to leave the soft play (classic one)
  • Wanted to read a tenth bedtime story and I said (as gently as humanly possible) “it’s bedtime now.” (Who needs sleep anyway?)
  • I wouldn’t let him draw on the floors. (How unreasonable)

And the biggest of sins I committed this week… was breaking a piece off his (massive) gingerbread man cookie, (to give to him) might I add… That was a big one. We were in a coffee shop (trying to have a conversation with other adults), but hey, I guess we all have a little asshole in us! You’ve just got to laugh.

I’m hoping that we don’t have another year of these not-so-lovely incidents, but if we do, we will figure out a way to deal with them as we always do. At the moment we are lucky in that distraction still works wonders. Even when his precious gingerbread man had so awfully been decapitated (shame, that’s probably how it looked in his sweet mind!) I was able to distract him by taking him outside and showing him things in the shop window next door. It was a touristy London shop that was full to the brim with snow globes and magnets and stuffed toys and beefeater bottle openers. They did the trick… that time!



Page Boy at 14 months old… and how to cope with a toddler at a wedding. (Part 1)


Matthew doesn’t look too impressed in this photo, but then again, I wouldn’t be either if you woke me from my peaceful slumber. The day of Aunty Claire and Uncle Danny’s wedding was full of exhilaration and joy. The household was bustling with different people coming and going, and for a 14 month old toddler; long before the wedding had even begun, this proved to be somewhat overwhelming.


Matt with his lovely Aunty Claire and the bridesmaids.

It was an early start to day (as usual for us) and it was “all go!” from around 6:30am. The beautiful bride and her lovely posse of bridesmaids were being made even more beautiful by a great team of professionals. Nana Rose and I were off early to have our hair done, so that left the boys in charge of minding our bundle of energy. It was fantastic being in a big house with an even bigger garden for Matt to explore. He kept on the move constantly by gathering stones from the flower pots, jumping in puddles (of course there were puddles, it’s Ireland after all!) and playing about with Dad, Grandad and uncles; all very full of energy. He definitely needed a good scrub after all that banter in the garden.


By the time we had got back from the salon and picked up the brekkie, it was almost time for Matt to have a nap. I was praying that he’d get a good rest in before the ceremony. Thank goodness the boys had him so tired out that he literally fell asleep in a minute and got a solid hour and a half (before he was rudely awoken!)

At around 12;30pm, we woke Matthew up (sacrilege I know!) but he needed to be fed and changed and at the church (luckily just down the road) for 1pm. He clearly wasn’t loving the fact that he had to wake up and was a bit groggy for a while. He gobbled down some of Nana’s delicious lasagne (this definitely helped on cheering him up) and we got him dressed in the most adorable suit and dickie bow. If hearts could melt… mine definitely would have been pure liquid at the sight of him.


As soon as he was dressed, we had about 5 minutes of (hundreds of) photos being taken and everyone wanting a snap with the charming young gentleman. Of course, he’s now completely glued to my hip at this stage (did I mention he’s experiencing slight separation anxiety at the moment?) This is when I thought, “How on God’s green earth, is this sweet child of mine going to manage walking down the aisle?”

We arrived at the church and Uncle Danny and Aunty Claire (who was the most beautiful and relaxed bride ever!) had even thought of buying Matt a new toy to keep him busy during the ceremony. Donal and I had a strategy planned- I sneak away go into the church while he was distracted by the toy and seeing the other lovely Page Boy Ryan. Donal would wait with him till the last minute and hand him over to Leah (the gorgeous junior bridesmaid)  who would walk with the two boys down the aisle. Oh did I mention that there were over three hundred people at the wedding?

All I can say is that Matthew really did us proud. My heart bursting with love as I watched him stepping towards us. The ceremony was about to begin…

Matt with his new toy before the ceremony began. 




The Wild One! Happy birthday Matt!


So it’s been a year since our little hurricane very promptly appeared in our lives; and my goodness, what a great, adventurous year it’s been. When I look back now, I take a moment to remember the more challenging early days (more like months) of Matt’s life. I am in awe of the sweet, charming toddler he has become. Actually, I am grateful for those early days, they were a learning curve as they’ve allowed me to grow deeply as a mother and learn so much along the way. How times have changed though. As Matt gets older, the challenges change too.  It’s hard to believe just how much he’s grown and developed in only a year.

Matt now weighs in at a solid 10.45kg (he’s still gaining weight well on the 75th percentile) and for the first official time; he’s had his height measured. I knew he was going to be a tall lad, but when the health visitor informed me that he is now 80.2cm tall- and on the 98th percentile- I was gobsmacked. I’m predicting a 6ft5 giant one day! Also, he now has 4 teeth, the fifth one just starting to poke through- that doesn’t stop him from eating like a champ. (And yes, he was allowed a cupcake on his birthday!)


At his one year review, he was observed by the health worker, who gave him an array of toys to interact with. She was pleased with his progress, noting that he could follow simple instructions, could walk well, had a strong pincer grip and was content. She asked about his eating habits and reminded me that he could now drink cow’s milk as opposed to formula. (Which he had started doing the week before he turned one). All in all; a glowing review.

Matthew’s birthday celebration was lovely. It was a balmy day (the hottest day of the year so far) and when I say hot, I actually mean proper hot (like 30 degrees!). We decided to put on a braai (BBQ) with some close friends and family in attendance. Even though we are in a larger apartment now, space was still a factor. It was a huge hit! Matthew was basking in all the attention, he really took everything in his stride. I thought it may have been a little overwhelming, but he did so well.

Donal was the braai master,and we had lots of nibbles, cake and sweet treats for later. I think watching Matthew devour almost an entire chocolate cupcake was a highlight for everybody! As well as the Bokke winning the game against France. He also loved all his beautiful presents, spoiled rotten is an understatement.

After eating way too much food and cake, we decided to head down to the local park. We were desperately seeking a cool breeze and the shade of a giant oak tree. Outside was still scorching hot, but the shade was welcoming. Some us lay sprawled under the trees, sipping on cool coronas or cokes, while a bunch of crazily energetic others, played a game of touch rugby (as we cheered on!)

It was a truly memorable day celebrating one whole glorious year of precious life! Looking forward to many more! Cheers Matty!


Moving… and our almost 11 month old.

How do we have so much stuff? In my previous post, I was bragging about how vigilant we had been about getting rid of things that we don’t need or use. Ha! How our little flat actually stored all our shizzle, only God knows. ..

We were very fortunate in that we only had to move to the apartment block next door. But, my goodness, how tiring was that? And I’m not even talking about the heavy lifting. (Luckily, that wasn’t my job!) We had slowly starting packing and taking the odd few boxes and bags over during our walks, which made a big difference on the official moving day.

Fergal (Donal’s brother) and Cameron (my cousin) volunteered to help us with the move. Their help was truly a godsend, lugging our bits over the road, while I got on with Matthew and his usual activities (you know, eating, drinking, sleeping and pooping!), while trying to keep as much stability as humanly possible. To be honest, Matt coped quite well and still managed his usual 2 naps that day. The boys also enjoyed watching a rugga game over a couple of beers while on a much needed break.

We handed the keys over to our new tenants on the Wednesday night as we were off to Ireland the next day. (No pressure then!) I think the most tiring part of the whole process was trying to get our old flat perfectly ready for its new occupants. Organise a professional cleaning service, doing paint touch ups, drawing up an inventory and sorting out a few niggly bits were all on the list. Donal was amazing; working a long day,  and coming home every evening to sort things out, move boxes over and still have a smile on his face afterwards (while sipping on a cool beer of course!) I’m truly grateful for such a positive, proactive hubby. It wasn’t easy doing all of this silently so as not to wake the sleeping baba!

Somehow we managed to leave the flat in pristine condition, move into our new home and pack for our long weekend in Ireland. Did I mention that Donal still managed a half day in at work?

Thankfully we flew from London City Airport (only 10 minutes away) on British Airways.  What a treat; extra leg room and we even got free drinks and snacks on board, proper posh! We enjoyed a wonderful few days in County Galway with Donal’s family. Our activities included a wedding, a farm visit, yummy food and treats from Nana Rose, and lots of fresh air. Our boy was amazing on the flights both ways, keeping entertained by his books, snacks and milk. He’s almost 11 months old and still such a ray of light. Did I mention that he’s taken his first steps? I’ll save all the goss for the next post as I hear my sweet boy waking from his morning nap.


10 months in a wee 1 bedroom flat…

Before our sweet bundle of (mostly) joy was conceived, Donal and I thought carefully about the logistics of living in a small apartment in the hustle and bustle of east London. There were many elements to consider, and I must admit, I was rather dubious that three of us could live comfortably in a home built for one or two! 10 months later and I’m still not quite sure how we managed.

Growing up in the vast gloriousness that is South Africa, space was never an issue, in fact it’s something one doesn’t even contemplate until living in a metropolis where people live packed like a can of sardines. A city where a studio flat could cost the same amount as a family house with a pool in SA! Sacrilege I thought, but then as time went on and the cost of living became the norm and I was no longer converting the price of every coffee into Rands, I almost just accepted that house prices are extortion. And that you have to be a millionaire to actually afford anything more than 2 bedrooms and a garden the size of a small car anywhere in a desirable part of this country’s great capital.


Nonetheless, I do feel that we were fortunate enough to have got on the property ladder in June 2013, when Donal and I bought our first home. And by bought, I mean we have sold our souls to the mortgage lender for a good 20 years or so! Donal first spotted our development being advertised in the Evening Standard on his commute home to our cosy rented flat in Sydenham (SE London). ‘East City Point’ was described as part of the next big regeneration scheme in east London. To be quite frank, I had my doubts about the area. I didn’t know that part of London well at all, only having frequented Newham for the Olympics and the Emirates Air line from North Greenwich to Royal Victoria Dock. Both of which we absolutely lovely, but Canning Town might have been an entirely different story.

I’ll never forget the day that we went to meet with the Sales representatives at East City Point. Donal and I met after work one day during the week. I was working at a primary school in Woolwich, so the commute to Canning Town was very handy on the DLR. That was the first pro. After viewing the show house, we were quite impressed. There were a few cons in my mind however, the walk from the station is along the A13, which is a very busy and noisy road. Also, the development is surrounded by many council houses, some of which in dire condition. Nevertheless, the fact that the government’s “Help to Buy” initiative was available to us, and this up and coming area seemed a promising stepping stone. It’s widely known that it’s extremely difficult to buy a property in London, and this was potentially our way in. After much contemplation, copious amounts of paperwork, credit checks, saving for the deposit etc, we were in!

The 21st June 2013, was the momentous day that Donal and I moved into our OWN home. We were so proud and still are. As I reflect on the past (almost) 4 years, we have made so many amazing memories  in this wee flat of ours. To name but a few;  we got engaged in December 2013, married in November 2014 and of course had Matt in June 2016. We have taken out the carpets and redone the floors with laminate timber, tiled the kitchen area, wallpapered the room and painted the flat throughout. It has a gorgeously spacious balcony overlooking the city and canary wharf, and it’s new and clean and bright. The only thing it isn’t- is made for for a family of 3.

Up until now, we have managed rather well. Being very meticulous about not keeping things that we do not need is definitely key. Maximising the space that we do have, also vital. The storage that we bought for the flat has all been really thought out too. The bed, for example, is a king size (because my husband is a giant!) storage bed, so convenient for keeping seasonal clothes, bags and other goodies we do not use frequently. Ikea has been our friend too- we have two large wardrobes in the bedroom, a chest of drawers for Matt’s bits and bobs, as well as a bedside table. In the living area, Donal put together a TV unit we we store our linen, towels and booze (among other things). A changing table and wicker baskets is in the bathroom (which is actually quite roomy) and we also have a narrow book shelf unit in the hallway.

We do believe that Matthew is now ready to be sleeping in his own room. When he was a newborn, the Chicco “Next to me” crib was amazing, we used it as a stand alone crib and also as a co-sleeper with the side down. This was a life saver during the hourly breastfeeding frenzies he would sometimes have! Now that he’s older and stronger, we have him sleeping in a travel cot next to the bed. (He still pulls himself up and peers over the side!) But he seems to be quite a light sleeper, and sometimes when one of us turns over, he will wake up! NOOOO! Hence, he is more than ready for his own room. I think we’ve done pretty well for 10 months. But we look forward to the next adventure at the end of April (1 week away), when we move into Max and Steve’s 2 bedroom flat just over the road.

9 months and living it up!

This past month has been wonderful. The highs have most definitely FAR outweighed the lows. And this is the first month that I can honestly say that the lows were so few and far between, I can barely recall them. This is it, I have motherhood waxed! Ja right, who am I kidding?

When I look back at the past 9 months, not only have I seen so much growth and development in Matthew, but also in myself as a new mom. Being a mother is so much bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s astonishing how unselfish you become, just so naturally.  Even though my ‘me’ time (what’s that again?) is just about non existent, and I am forced to let that umpteenth cup of coffee go cold; there is nowhere I’d rather be than there with my baby when he needs me. My baby comes first, whether he needs a feed or just a cuddle, he is my priority. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Matthew has had a month of great activity. He is officially crawling on all fours having graduated from the injured soldier; and boy, can he move. He’s also started pulling himself up onto just about anything he can reach. The couch and chairs are firm favourites. As one can imagine, with all the climbing and moving, comes a lot of bumps and bruises. His knees are now in a constant state of ‘bruise.’ He loves it though and his sense of adventure is admirable.

Swimming is going very well, he loves the water and his confidence is magnificent. He knows the command for his underwater swim and prepares himself by closing his eyes and holding his breath. This still fascinates me. It’s great to see him making such progress. Water safety is so important and the fact that Matt is being taught to hold onto the side of the pool is vital.

Our smiler is coming on in leaps and bounds, and is a very social chap indeed. We have just started attending classes at our local children’s centre which is run by Newham Council. They have been a fantastic way of helping Matthew mingle with other babies and explore different environments. The classes are so popular, we have to ensure we arrive early to get a spot. We have no excuse really- they take place literally in the school next door- but somehow we are still rushing around last minute. Getting nappy changed, packing his baby bag, (that deserves its own blog post!) amongst many other incidentals.

Eight Amazing Months

Today is Friday the 17th February 2017, and our sweet soul is eight months old. What a character he is, a true beaming light. He’s such a smiler and his inquisitive nature is wonderful to observe. He’s always looking around and taking everything in; he literally bends over backwards to see what’s happening behind him.

Eating is still one of Matt’s favourite past times, strawberries are number one on the list. To be quite frank, that boy will eat anything! I wonder who he gets that from? Must be a Nevin after all! He’s having three meals a day (most days) and often has fruit as a dessert. Because he’s got quite a sweet tooth, we need to make sure the fruit is out of sight while he’s eating his veggies! We’ve been combining purees with a baby led weaning approach. This makes it really easy when we are out and about as we can pass him a baby carrot or cucumber stick and that’s him sorted for a while.

I find myself saying the same thing every month, but it’s true yet again…A lot of things are becoming so much easier now, and at the same time, new challenges have arisen. The most drastic change is sleep. Praise to the Lord, Matthew is no longer waking up throughout the night, but actually sleeping through until around 5 or 6am. This is truly heavenly, I feel like a new woman. At around 7 and a half months, we started seeing an improvement, and now, he often even self-soothes. I know that things can easily change, and that he could be going back to hourly wake ups , but for now, we are relishing in it!

I am also feeling a little torn as our breastfeeding journey has officially ended. He did so well after having tongue tie and the initial breastfeeding dramas that a lot of new mamas face at the start, so I do feel sad that it’s over. It truly is a wonderful way for mum and baby to bond, but for us, at almost 8 months, it was often still such a challenge. Hence I decided that we would try him on some formula. It started when we went to SA. He drank it very reluctantly and often not enough, but slowly became more accustomed to it. I weaned him off the breast slowly, one feed at a time. By 7 months, we were down to mostly night feeds. Now I’m not sure whether he’s sleeping better as a consequence, or if it’s because he’s on solid foods. All I know, is I am so glad he is!

He still loves his bath time, although it’s getting a lot trickier trying to actually bath him as he’s become quite the wriggler! He has an array of bath time toys, his favourites are the thermometer and the sponges! Haha! Matt is also still chewing on everything and he still has no teeth yet! Although the dribble is coming on strong!

He hates having his nappy changed! I think it’s got to do with the fact that he’s so much more mobile now and he just loathes being restrained in any way. So changing his nappy these days can be likened to tackling a raging crocodile- not an easy feat. He wriggles and rolls and stands up on his knees trying to reach and grab anything that he sets his eyes on. We found that changing him on the mat near his toy box works a treat, still not simple though. Thank goodness for pampers nappy pants, that’s all I can say!

Matthew has become rather vocal, he’s certainly finding his voice and testing his vocal range like a proper soprano. He mimics us quite a lot, with silly sounds like ‘umm, ba, ma, da, ooh’ and finds it highly amusing when we mimic him. He often says ‘dada’ much to daddy’s delight and he’s starting to make sounds aiming towards ‘mama’! mmm.

It’s truly spectacular to see how Matt is making associations between words and objects/people. He knows the word ‘light’ and looks up at it on command, he also seems to understand words like ‘up’, ‘walk’, ‘jump’, ‘milk’ and ‘bath’. It’s wonderful to see how much he’s learned and developed in a mere 8 months. We are proud parents and have so much love for our sunshine baby. His smile really does light up the room. img_6817