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Activities and games our baby loves at 11 months.

As much as I loved Matt when he was a sweet, little newborn who mostly slept in his mama’s loving arms (ok, let’s be honest, and cried a hell of a lot!), it’s great now that he loves to be entertained. Now that his bubbly, smily personality is shiny through brightly, it’s wonderful to witness the bursts of joy on his face when he’s enjoying a game or activity.

It can be quite challenging trying to invent new and exciting things for Matt to do on a regular basis, but lucky for us, I found that it’s in fact the simple things that hold our baby’s attention and keep him coming back for more!

Here are some of the things that Matthew absolutely loves engaging in, now that he’s just turned 11 months. Many of them, he’s been enjoying over the last few months. It’s so rewarding to see how he’s mastered some of the more challenging tasks- and his rejoicing when he does so.

  • Story Books

What joy it brings me to see that Matthew has already developed a love for reading. We have been looking through picture books since he was a tiny baby, but now that he’s older, he giggles in delight when “Do you want to read a story?” is asked. He crawls over to the bookshelf, pointing to the array of books to choose from. He has his favourites of course- at the moment- he loves anything with an interactive quirk. The flap books are a huge hit as well as the feely books, which are great for sensory development. Here are some of his current must haves.



  • Balls- of all shapes and sizes

He does love playing with his balls! (Sorry, I had to!) The sensory balls are great. We got the pack of Bright Stars balls, which includes some twisty ad shaky ones. He loves hearing the sound of the tiny plastic balls inside bobbing about, it’s great as it doubles up as a music shaker. He can now throw the ball on demand, and one of his favourite games is searching for them under the couch. A classic soft play ball pit is always a hit when we are out.

At Turoe Farm, Loughrea, Co Galway. 


  • I’m going to catch you!

This is one of his absolute favourite games to play with mom and dad. Now that he’s a highly skilled crawler, it’s great fun. I say, “Mama’s going to catch you!” and get down into the crawling position. He squeals in delight, and crawls away as quickly as he can. (Which is alarmingly quick actually!) When I finally catch him, fits of laughter ensue. It works great when daddy gets home too and one of us is ‘it’ and chases after Matt in the other’s arms. He’s greeted with numerous kisses and tickles. ‘Hide and Seek’ can be incorporated here too- another top hit.

Matt decides to chase Mama instead!


  • Bubbles

So simple, yet so much fun. Catching and popping bubbles is the best for lots of laughs.



  • Did someone say ‘recycling’?

Oh my goodness, the hours of joy Matthew has received from going through the recycling bin is priceless. Since moving into our new home, we keep our dry recyclables in a big blue eco-shopping bag. Every day, peeping into the bag, is like a new adventure for Matt. From folded cardboard boxes and magazines, to milk cartons and plastic lids. He can spend ages literally looking through the trash! He takes each item out, closely examines it and then moves onto the next. He’s slowly learning to put them back in the bag- but where’s the fun in that?

  • Object Permanence Box

This fantastic activity is Montessori inspired and brilliant for cognitive development. Read more about Piaget’s theory here. The term object permanence is used to describe a child’s ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen or heard. A seemingly simple task, where the ball is inserted into the hole at the top of the box, and the baby has to retrieve the ball at the bottom. At first, even managing to get the ball into the hole was tricky, now it’s no bother at all. I looked to purchase a box like this online, (let’s just say they aren’t cheap). I asked my very talented grandfather if he could make one for Matt. It came out so beautifully and Matt loves it, thanks Grandpa!



  • Get your groove on!

Dancing and singing have been a huge hit with Matt for many months. Music really does have such a great effect. If he’s ever feeling a little niggly, all we have to do, is put the radio on and dance away. He shows his delight by bopping his head and bouncing to the tunes. So much fun for mama and baby!

  • Stacking rings and cups

It amazes me how quickly babies can pick up on things and just how much they learn through observation. Matt just loves playing with the stacking rings and cups so much. At first, he would just pull everything apart and knock the cups over, but now, he’s able to put the cups into each other and stack the rings on the pole. Not quite in the correct order just yet, but it’s a great activity for fine motor skill development.

  • And then there was light!

Matt, like many babies his age, is fascinated with switches, buttons, knobs, handles… you get the idea. So turning the lights on and off proves great fun. I’ll ask Matt to switch the light off or on or push the buttons in the elevator. He knows to look out for the effect- so he looks to see if the lights went out or listens out for the ‘beep’ in the lift. Such a simple lesson for cause and effect and many other skills gained too. He also quite likes it when I close the door to the bathroom (so it’s in complete darkness) and then slowly open the door. He’s always beaming a great smile at his reflection in the mirror. He’s also learning the words “dark” and “light”.


These are just a few of Matt’s favourite things to do at the moment, the list really could go on.. But yet again, I hear the sweet coo of my baby waking from his nap. So ciao for now.