Moving… and our almost 11 month old.

How do we have so much stuff? In my previous post, I was bragging about how vigilant we had been about getting rid of things that we don’t need or use. Ha! How our little flat actually stored all our shizzle, only God knows. ..

We were very fortunate in that we only had to move to the apartment block next door. But, my goodness, how tiring was that? And I’m not even talking about the heavy lifting. (Luckily, that wasn’t my job!) We had slowly starting packing and taking the odd few boxes and bags over during our walks, which made a big difference on the official moving day.

Fergal (Donal’s brother) and Cameron (my cousin) volunteered to help us with the move. Their help was truly a godsend, lugging our bits over the road, while I got on with Matthew and his usual activities (you know, eating, drinking, sleeping and pooping!), while trying to keep as much stability as humanly possible. To be honest, Matt coped quite well and still managed his usual 2 naps that day. The boys also enjoyed watching a rugga game over a couple of beers while on a much needed break.

We handed the keys over to our new tenants on the Wednesday night as we were off to Ireland the next day. (No pressure then!) I think the most tiring part of the whole process was trying to get our old flat perfectly ready for its new occupants. Organise a professional cleaning service, doing paint touch ups, drawing up an inventory and sorting out a few niggly bits were all on the list. Donal was amazing; working a long day,  and coming home every evening to sort things out, move boxes over and still have a smile on his face afterwards (while sipping on a cool beer of course!) I’m truly grateful for such a positive, proactive hubby. It wasn’t easy doing all of this silently so as not to wake the sleeping baba!

Somehow we managed to leave the flat in pristine condition, move into our new home and pack for our long weekend in Ireland. Did I mention that Donal still managed a half day in at work?

Thankfully we flew from London City Airport (only 10 minutes away) on British Airways.  What a treat; extra leg room and we even got free drinks and snacks on board, proper posh! We enjoyed a wonderful few days in County Galway with Donal’s family. Our activities included a wedding, a farm visit, yummy food and treats from Nana Rose, and lots of fresh air. Our boy was amazing on the flights both ways, keeping entertained by his books, snacks and milk. He’s almost 11 months old and still such a ray of light. Did I mention that he’s taken his first steps? I’ll save all the goss for the next post as I hear my sweet boy waking from his morning nap.



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