Eight Amazing Months

Today is Friday the 17th February 2017, and our sweet soul is eight months old. What a character he is, a true beaming light. He’s such a smiler and his inquisitive nature is wonderful to observe. He’s always looking around and taking everything in; he literally bends over backwards to see what’s happening behind him.

Eating is still one of Matt’s favourite past times, strawberries are number one on the list. To be quite frank, that boy will eat anything! I wonder who he gets that from? Must be a Nevin after all! He’s having three meals a day (most days) and often has fruit as a dessert. Because he’s got quite a sweet tooth, we need to make sure the fruit is out of sight while he’s eating his veggies! We’ve been combining purees with a baby led weaning approach. This makes it really easy when we are out and about as we can pass him a baby carrot or cucumber stick and that’s him sorted for a while.

I find myself saying the same thing every month, but it’s true yet again…A lot of things are becoming so much easier now, and at the same time, new challenges have arisen. The most drastic change is sleep. Praise to the Lord, Matthew is no longer waking up throughout the night, but actually sleeping through until around 5 or 6am. This is truly heavenly, I feel like a new woman. At around 7 and a half months, we started seeing an improvement, and now, he often even self-soothes. I know that things can easily change, and that he could be going back to hourly wake ups , but for now, we are relishing in it!

I am also feeling a little torn as our breastfeeding journey has officially ended. He did so well after having tongue tie and the initial breastfeeding dramas that a lot of new mamas face at the start, so I do feel sad that it’s over. It truly is a wonderful way for mum and baby to bond, but for us, at almost 8 months, it was often still such a challenge. Hence I decided that we would try him on some formula. It started when we went to SA. He drank it very reluctantly and often not enough, but slowly became more accustomed to it. I weaned him off the breast slowly, one feed at a time. By 7 months, we were down to mostly night feeds. Now I’m not sure whether he’s sleeping better as a consequence, or if it’s because he’s on solid foods. All I know, is I am so glad he is!

He still loves his bath time, although it’s getting a lot trickier trying to actually bath him as he’s become quite the wriggler! He has an array of bath time toys, his favourites are the thermometer and the sponges! Haha! Matt is also still chewing on everything and he still has no teeth yet! Although the dribble is coming on strong!

He hates having his nappy changed! I think it’s got to do with the fact that he’s so much more mobile now and he just loathes being restrained in any way. So changing his nappy these days can be likened to tackling a raging crocodile- not an easy feat. He wriggles and rolls and stands up on his knees trying to reach and grab anything that he sets his eyes on. We found that changing him on the mat near his toy box works a treat, still not simple though. Thank goodness for pampers nappy pants, that’s all I can say!

Matthew has become rather vocal, he’s certainly finding his voice and testing his vocal range like a proper soprano. He mimics us quite a lot, with silly sounds like ‘umm, ba, ma, da, ooh’ and finds it highly amusing when we mimic him. He often says ‘dada’ much to daddy’s delight and he’s starting to make sounds aiming towards ‘mama’! mmm.

It’s truly spectacular to see how Matt is making associations between words and objects/people. He knows the word ‘light’ and looks up at it on command, he also seems to understand words like ‘up’, ‘walk’, ‘jump’, ‘milk’ and ‘bath’. It’s wonderful to see how much he’s learned and developed in a mere 8 months. We are proud parents and have so much love for our sunshine baby. His smile really does light up the room. img_6817


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