The Wonderful of World Weaning!


At 6 months old, we decided it was high time that our growing baby boy had a taste of some food. He was showing us signs that he was ready to go! Especially taking great interest in what mama and dada were eating.


His first spoonful of food would be a creamy puree of one of my favourite foods- avocado. With numerous shivers down his spine and a grimace on his face- this made for great entertainment! He managed about 2 teaspoons, I couldn’t stop laughing!


On the recommendation of my sister, I bought the Annabel Karmel book- Baby and Toddler Meal Planner- for some insight and ideas on nutritious and scrumptious tastes for our boy. It advises to start on a one vegetable or fruit puree, to assess how well they go down on their own, then progressing to a blend of fruits and veggies. Following that, meats and other flavours.


Here is a list of Matt’s first tastes.


Baked apple

Sweet potato

Gem Squash (thanks to grandma in SA)



Pear (didn’t like)

Baby porridge

Strawberry (Loves!)


Carrot (loves!)




His absolute favourite is a baked apple and strawberry puree! He must have a sweet tooth for fruit like his mama. Now that he’s 7 months old, I’ve introduced some finger foods to encourage him to feed himself. Talk about making a mess!


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