Fantastically 5 months old!

Every month that goes by, I find myself saying the same thing- “How quickly has time flown by?” It’s mind boggling actually, that just over 5 months ago our sweet Matthew was still cosily nestled in his mama’s womb. What an adventure it’s been so far!  Every smile and giggle still warms my heart so much.

Matthew is growing at what seems to be the speed of light and he’s getting ever so strong. As I’m writing this; he is contently playing in his baby gym after having rolled over from his back to his tummy and he’s trying with great vigour to lift his legs and bottom off the ground. I do believe that this may be the  first signs of crawling! I can’t believe it. He’s truly become a ray of sunshine in our loves, each little mumble he makes, looking up at us with his brilliant blue eyes is a blessing.

This month has been a good one indeed, we have been busy with our activities- water babies, mum and baby cinema club, visiting Aunty Mimi and Nathan and yogabellies. All of which I can say honestly, I am enjoying more and more. (We’ve always enjoyed spending time with Max and cousin!) Because he can focus for a bit longer and stay awake for our sessions without getting too grumpy, so we can have our fun times together socialising and playing!

Matt has certainly discovered his voice even more this past month. We have been getting lots of consonant sounds “ya, ba, da, ma’ are some of his favourites so far. It’s lovely seeing his reaction when we imitate his sounds, he absolutely loves it!

Things he loves: being on his tummy, especially in his jungle-themed play gym, bath time, being tickled- especially on his thighs, kisses on his neck, funny sounds and faces, his mama’s milk, Sophie le Giraffe (his best bud- his teether) and being in his new forward facing carrier! Just to name a few…

Things he doesn’t like– getting out of the bath, drinking his milk with any distractions around (we literally have to sit quietly in our room and I’m not allowed to talk!) being too tired! We have to read and respond to his cues quickly to avoid a meltdown!

Overall our sweet angel is doing so well. He is due another weigh-in soon, but I’d hazard a guess that he’s close on 8kg now. He’s wearing size 4 nappies after all! His sleeping is still rather erratic, we’ve managed to extend his day time naps to up to two hours if I’m lying next to his crib, so I’m getting more time to relax which is fabulous. At night, he generally goes to sleep around 6pm-7pm after his bath and massage and wakes 2-3 hourly (sometimes more frequently)  for feeds and cuddles. We are very lucky in that he does go back to sleep peacefully after waking. Well, most of the time!

I am hopeful that when he starts weaning at 6 months, he’ll sleep for a bit longer, please God! As I have mentioned before- each week that goes by, things do get easier. We are so happy and blessed to have Matt in our lives.

He had his first experience of a little cold this month. So did his mama! His poor little nose was runny and he was coughing and sneezing quite a lot. (Sneezing is apparently very hilarious though- so that’s ok!) Thankfully, it only lasted a few days. On the bright side- his immune system is getting stronger and we are all doing great now.



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