Four months young… Some of Matt’s developments so far.

Our sweet Matthew is getting so big! 7.2kg to be exact. That was his weight at the last weigh in at almost 18 weeks old. He’s our ray of light, our bundle of joy and oh, his smiles just melt our hearts.

The first three months have been challenging, but as I get to know my dear baby boy more and more each day; the more my love for him grows (if that is even possible!) and the easier things become. He’s loving his tummy time and has rolled over from front to back a good few times. His grip is strong and he’s great at aiming for and whacking his toys on his baby gym. Matt still loves time in his bouncer and giggles and coos a lot! He loves it when mum and dad pull funny faces, stick out our tongues and make silly noises. One of his favourite past times is being thrown up in the air! He sits on his own momentarily and enjoys sitting in his new bumbo, bath time is also lots of fun! Chewing on anything and everything, including his feet and his Sophie le giraffe is great craic for Matt!

Things have become so much easier now that I have learnt to read Matthew’s signals and cues a lot better. When he’s tired, he turns his head to the side, rubs his eyes and yawns. When he’s hungry (about every 2 hours throughout the day still) he’ll make a moaning sound similar to a ‘ha ha ha’ from the back of his throat and as long as he’s fed and gets a nap; we have a very happy bunny!

He can put some weight on his feet and loves bouncing up and down- he’s been in his cousin’s jumper and loved it, so I think we will invest in one for him. Matthew still loves to be in his carrier and to be held upright so he can see what’s happening in the world. The way he takes everything in is truly lovely to see. The fact that he’s experiencing sounds, smells and sights for the very first time is fascinating to him and we try to allow him the experiences to learn as much as possible. So we take him on walks through the park and let him feel the leaves; he loves being outside and on the move.

We have reached another major milestone (well in my eyes anyway!) and that is the fact that he doesn’t need to be rocked or bounced to sleep anymore. After a bit of research into sleep- I decided it was best not to rely on motion to sleep otherwise he may become increasingly reliant on it. So what works best (for now) is to put him in his gro- bag, and I lie next to him for a few minutes. I think he likes to know that mama is near, he often drifts off peacefully, after a few head turns and ‘mmmms’ with the help of his dummy as well.

He is still waking every few hours in the night, the longest stretch of sleep we’ve had lately is almost 4 hours, which is great. He feeds so well at night and drifts back to sleep easily afterwards. Let’s hope that 4 hours becomes 5 that becomes 6 very soon!



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