Two become Three!

IMG_0519The 10th of October 2015… Pure happiness, ecstasy and a flush of almost disbelief. There were around a hundred emotions flowing through me at the time I saw that ‘positive’ mark appearing. The day that  I realised our lives would never be the same again.

After discovering multiple cysts on my ovaries only months before; and being told that it may take a good few years to fall pregnant; you can only imagine my delight.

I awoke at 6am on this particular Saturday morning, wide awake for some strange reason. I needed the loo at knew that the first ‘wee’ of the day is the best for testing for pregnancy. My period was late, but had been very erratic (my cycle ranging from 38 to 58 days!) I had done one or two tests a few days before, I almost expected another negative result.

I carefully placed the test stick on the counter behind me and very quickly, the control line appeared and around one minute later, another faint line became visible. I couldn’t believe my eyes as the line gradually become darker and darker. Positive! My heart was beating like a drum, my skin was covered in goose bumps. I checked again and even read the instructions, just to be sure!

I dashed into our bedroom, where Donal was snoozing, completely oblivious to the earth shattering news! “Baba..” I said cautiously, standing in the doorway with the test in my hand. “I think I’m pregnant!” Donal leapt out of bed in a second and hugged me so tightly. What a precious moment. We didn’t need to say anything at that time, we just stood there, embracing, holding onto and taking in the life changing news.

The day was spent downloading baby apps to my phone, researching and joining expectant mother forums. I put my details into one of the apps that gave an estimate of how far along I was. According to the dates (of my last cycle), that made me five weeks and 1 day pregnant. The midwife will take the details and the estimated due date will probably change at the 12 week scan.

I must admit, it was so difficult not to shoutout wonderful news from the rooftops, but we decided to wait until we are 12 weeks pregnant. (Obviously close friends and family don’t count!) My sister Max will be thrilled, she is six months pregnant. This is going to be one amazing journey…

We are going to be parents in 9 months!



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