First blog post

IMG_0741.JPGThis is my first attempt at trying to record my beautiful pregnancy journey and the ongoing adventure of impending motherhood. I decided to start this blog now as it’s my first day of maternity leave and to be honest; I just haven’t had the time whilst teaching full time. Now that I’m on maternity leave (at almost 34 weeks pregnant) it is my intention to dedicate my time to the well-being of my baby, by taking taking care of my body, mind and spirit.

It started first thing today with a nutritious breakfast, consisting of a two-egg omelette with half an avocado (my weakness in life!). Followed by an outing to the GP. My sister Maxine, who lives just in the apartment block next door, has a precious 13 week baby boy Nathan, who had his second round of meningitis injections today, so I accompanied them to the practice; it was a beautiful, sunny day, so we walked down. Nathan did extremely well, settling down well after the two jabs and oral dose. I must admit, it’s quite an emotional experience to see one’s little nephew in distress, but the male nurse did such a splendid job at putting mama and aunty at ease. I feel so blessed to be spending time with my sister like this. We have always been close, and now that we are both (going to be) mamas, (only 20 weeks apart!) it’s a special time in our lives to be sharing. I must say, Max is already an amazing mother, so natural and confident. Ive dubbed her ‘wonder woman’ already!

It’s been an adventurous day, no sooner had we got back to Max’s flat, had a glass of water and a quick chat (it is known that the two of us can chat for Africa!) I was off to my gym for my 12:15pm bumpersize class. The class involves a variety of exercises that promote strength and toning, for example: squatting, upright rowing, tricep dips, stretching, and a variety of other upper and lower body exercises. The first time I did this class was quite early on in my pregnancy, (around 15 weeks) and I was literally walking like a dead person from the “Walking Dead!” This was no easy feat, when my classroom is situated at the top of around 5 flights of stairs! It’s become a bit more bearable lately, and the more frequently I participate in the classes, the better it becomes. I must say, the endorphins released during a workout are amazing! I always leave the gym feeling revitalised; its’s also wonderful having the opportunity to interact with other moms to be.Today, I was the mama who was the furthest along in pregnancy!

Another momentous act was undertaken today. I applied for my first British passport. I was granted citizenship in October last year and have been waiting until we had done all our travelling (for a while) before applying. It should arrive in about 6 weeks (the week that our sweet baby is due!) So let’s see which one comes first!

A fantastic first day off overall, I managed to listen to my positive affirmations and a relaxation from my hypnobirthing CD, cooked a dinner of baked salmon and butternut and courgette fritters, had a shower and drenched myself in oils and creams. Now I’m in bed, my dear hubby is home, made me a cup of rooibos tea that I’m sipping away at whilst writing my first blog! I do feel blessed and profoundly excited for the arrival of our baby boy. I didn’t realise it was possible to love somebody so much, when you haven’t even yet met.

Affirmation for the day: “I approach my baby’s birth with optimism and confidence.”

(KG Hypnobirthbirthing)






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